LRS Fish Frenzy

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LRS Fish Frenzy® Premium Marine Fish Food
With blackworms, polychaete worms and fish eggs added this blend is GREAT for getting finicky fish to eat frozen foods.

Finicky eaters?... Not with black and polychaete worms and fish eggs added!

Fish Frenzy® is the base recipe for all LRS food blends. Instead of adding coral specific micro-foods contained in our flagship Reef Frenzy® blend, we add worms and fresh fish eggs. Fish Frenzy® is extremely "clean" as a daily food and is offered in a generous 8 ounce package. Like all LRS blends we peel every shrimp and filet each fish prior to adding to the mixture. These exoskeletons and bones would go uneaten by fish and likely spike nutrient levels in your aquarium in not removed.  LRS takes the extra step to remove this waste, while many other aquarium food makers don't.


LRS Fish Frenzy® ingredients:

Fresh Wild Caught Scallop

Fresh Wild Caught, Hand Peeled Shrimp

Fresh Wild Caught Ocean Perch and Whitefish

Premium Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp


Euphausia pacifica krill

Fresh Shucked Clams and Oysters

"Live" California Blackworms added just before freezing

Farm-raised, biosecure polychaete worms 

Locally Harvested Marine Fish Eggs 

Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Buffered Ascorbic Acid

 D. salina algae (Beta carotene for color and immunity boost)

​LRS Probiotics (Click HERE to learn more)

All of the FRESH ingredients listed are free from any preservative rinses and sourced at the Carolina Coast.


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