Auction Rules

To participate in the auctions you'll need to make an account on our website. If you haven't made an account already click on the red button on the bottom left corner.

From there a new window will pop up and it will have a "Join now" option. Follow those steps and you'll be ready to go.


Once you're fully set up you can proceed to the auction page located on the top menu bar. Auctions will be posted randomly so make sure to follow our FB / IG page to know when the next one will be available. If you do not have any social media you can join our newsletter to keep up with updates.

This is an example of what the auctions will look like. The first image is of what it looks like before any bids are place.

The second image shows what they look like when bids are place.

When you click VIEW AUCTION you'll be taken to a new page with that auction item.
*VIEW AUCTION will always take you to a new page. Functionality may be best on a computer.
As you can see all auctions have a timer and they will show the end date. There will be minimum bids but no maximums so you'll be able to bid as high as you like. Another feature that is included is an automatic bid. You'll be able to place your highest bid and the program will bid for you until you reach the maximum. If you have reached your maximum you'll receive an email asking if you'd like to continue bidding.

When auctions are closed winners will automatically be notified by email. Another way to view which auctions you have won is by clicking on your name at the top of the page which bring you to your account. Once you're on the account page you will need to click VIEW YOUR BIDS.

This page will show you what auctions you have placed a bid on, which auctions you have won, and which ones you have lost. This is where you will add your winning auctions to your cart. *You can add things to your cart before checkout.

All payment must be made within 24 hours of auction/sale end. Otherwise, the auction/sale win will be void. Payment must be made on the website as it will not transfer to the store POS.

I have added a new feature that makes local pickups much easier. There is now a PICKUP IN STORE button in your cart. If you are local, please press the PICKUP button. If you are not local just press the checkout button.


After you press the PICKUP button a few lines will appear that need to be filled out. Then press checkout. *After items are purchased I can only hold for a maximum of 6 days.

Once you are at the new window, the pickup address will prefilled for the store. You wont have to worry about filling anything in.

If you getting an item shipped the page will say SHIPPING ADDRESS instead of pickup. At that point you would fill it out with your home address.

After you have completed that step you'll click continue.

On this next screen you will still need to choose which shipping method. Once that is completed you'll pay for your item and you'll be good to go.


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