About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to my store! I have always had a dream that one day I will run an animal rescue and with the creation of my store, DK Reef Treasures, it brings me one step closer to fulfilling that dream. My love for aquariums has fueled my passion for the hobby over the years and my website now offers a means for me to provide quality corals to enthusiasts like yourself. DK Reef Treasures is named after two of the treasures in my life, my amazing dogs, Dipsy and Kuru.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost important, so please contact me directly for any questions or concerns. If there is a specific coral you want that is not currently in stock, please reach out to me and I will do my best to assist with getting that coral into your tank. Iā€™m excited to take this first step on my journey and appreciate all of your support. I look forward to making your reef come to life!

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